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This section contains the latest news on issues related to street safety issues in and out of the frame of the RoSaCe project, in and out of school.
20 Mar 2009

What has been planned by Gimnazjum 102 in Warsaw...

September 2008 – meeting with council representatives of the district of Wawer in order to present the issues concerning safety and increase pupil awareness of personal safety in and around school, as well as on the way to school.

September 2008 – organisation of “Safe school, safe street” festival.
Involvement of new actors and community:

September 2008 – contact with the parents’ association in order to discuss different issues linked to the organisation of the “Safe school, safe street” festival.

September 2008 – contact with all services responsible for safety and security (Traffic Division of Warsaw Police Department, Juvenile Crime Division of Warsaw Police Station, Rescue Division of Polish Scouts, Fire Fighters Division).

4 October 2008 – summary of competitions for the best solution for dangerous crossroads and the best poster for safety communication.

October 2008 – quiz testing pupils’ knowledge on road traffic issues.

Dissemination: posters, invitations, leaflets, information in the local press.

... and Secondary School no. 102, Wichrowa Street 4 (14-year-olds)
Brief description of the activities: involvement of the school (pupils and their parents) in the organisation of the “Safe school, safe street” festival. Different kinds of activities were coordinated by teachers, including an art competition and a road traffic quiz.

Evaluation/impressions: the level of pupils’ knowledge of the Highway Code is very low. It is necessary to educate pupils about the issue.