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This section contains the latest news on issues related to street safety issues in and out of the frame of the RoSaCe project, in and out of school.
20 Mar 2009

Children from Athens proposed to build a new playground

In Athens, the pupils chose the school playground as a target for improvement. First of all, they carried out observations of the school playground, writing down their comments and suggestions. After the observations, the pupils drew up a questionnaire. The aim of the questionnaire was to find out how the pupils at the school felt about safety and the school playground. The pupils discussed the results with the other pupils at the school.

Together, they agreed that they were in need of a playground that could be used as a play area, and not only for eating lunch in. They took the results of the questionnaire and their discussions to the headmaster. Finally, they produced a poster with a vision of how they wanted the school playground to be in the future. The pupils measured the playground and discussed what kinds of change were realistic and possible. They agreed on what could be built and installed in the playground immediately and several years in the future. “Through RoSaCe, the pupils have learned to observe in a critical manner and have linked their observations to the issue of responsibility”, the coordinator in Athens said.