News on the website: the RoSaCe conference video at the RSC TV and the Implementation Toolkit

After two years, the results of the initial phase of the Road Safety Cities Europe (RoSaCe) project were presented during the conference on 13th March 2009 at La Pedrera, the famous Gaudí building...

RoSaCe European Conference shows encouraging results

The Road Safety Cities for Europe (RoSaCe) project concluded its two-year experimental phase on Friday 13 March with a conference in Barcelona to present the initial results. We would like to thank...

Street Safety Education

A new educative concept for schools and city policymakers. A European conference to share and discuss the results of the RoSaCe pilot project and the possibility of further implementation will take place in Barcelona on 13 March at the famous Gaudí building, La Pedrera of Caixa Catalunya.

Warsaw: pupils worked on prevention

An eighth-form pupil in a class in Warsaw was involved in a car accident in his neighbourhood. One of his best friends was hit by a car in the accident.

Children from Warsaw proposed ideas to make them feel safer

A class carried out a survey among the pupils in three classes at a school in Warsaw.

Dissemination in Roma

In between December 08 and January 09 the classes have worked on transfering their experiences into newspaper articles, postcards, calendars, exhibits, tv news, and an open letter to the...

School activities in Roma

During RoSaCe phase 1 “Safe Schools” after introducing RoSaCe project, explaining tasks and roles and it’s European dimension, showing pictures of the other cities involved

LPG & teachers training

Initially formed by the Department of Family Policies of Rome’s City Administration and the Local Coordinators (LC), before summer 07 the group chose the schools from the ones supporting the...

Presentation of the Rome schools that take part in RoSaCe

Istituto comprensivo “Alfieri – Lante della rovere”, Istituto comprensivo “Via dell’archeologia”, Istituto comprensivo “Leopardi - Via parco della vittoria”

Rome: children created a calendar about safety problems

One RoSaCe school in Rome produced a calendar with 12 pictures of issues in need of change. This school also worked with anxiety issues and concerns about feeling safe in a globalised world.

Pupils from Rome reflected about safety in their surroundings

In Rome, pupils worked in pairs to identify what safety means. They produced sentences with messages such as “Safety means being sure of your own abilities”, “I feel safe with my family” or...

Conference presentations

Madrid: children participating in the RoSaCe project drew their way to school using internet tools

In Madrid, pupils in a class used Google Earth to draw their route to school. This was a participatory process involving the teacher and pupils.

Children from Tarragona propose changes concerning street safety problems around their school

Children of 13 and 14 years of age at F.C.P. Sagrat Cor de Jesús School in Tarragona participated in the RoSaCe project, starting with the initial phase, during which they went out onto the streets...

Children from Tarragona reflect on the meaning of feeling safe

At the Sagrat Cor School in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain, seven- and eight-year-old pupils were asked to think about the concepts of safe streets and feeling safe.

Athens: pupils attended a course about riding a bicycle in the city

In Athens, a class learned how to ride a bicycle in the city and received a one-day course on the Highway Code.

Children from Athens proposed to build a new playground

In Athens, the pupils chose the school playground as a target for improvement. First of all, they carried out observations of the school playground, writing down their comments and suggestions.

RoSaCe in Vilnius: seeking new challenges to deal with safety

Not only does the RoSaCe project encourage children to seek new challenges and form an active part of society, it also sets an example for cities in terms of dealing with lack of safety. Children can...

Pupils from Vilnius organised a competition about making their school safer

In Vilnius, a sixth-grade class invited the whole school to participate in a competition about how to make the school safer.

What has been planned by Gimnazjum 102 in Warsaw...

- September 2008 – meeting with council representatives of the district of Wawer in order to present the issues concerning safety and increase pupil awareness of personal safety in and around...

RoSaCe activities in Szko?a Podstawowa no. 75 im. Marii Konopnickiej

Picnic in Gymnasium no. 102 in Wawer, during which the children presented a performance on the topic of “Safe school, safe street”.

Plans and activities in primary school no 143

What has been done so far... Second part of the “Safe school, safe street” programme in Primary School no. 143.

The RoSaCe involvement in Madrid: Some examples of actions joining children, teachers and the community.

At Rufino Blanco Primary School in Madrid (Spain), approximately 100 four- to seven-year-old children participated in RoSaCe. During the first session, pupils thought about the concept of safety and...

Children from Tarragona presented their requests at the City Hall.

Els nens i nenes del projecte Rosace de Tarragona han presentat les seves investigacions a l’Ajuntament de Tarragona

Children from Tarragona propose changes concerning street safety problems around their school

Children of 13 and 14 years of age at F.C.P. Sagrat Cor de Jesús School in Tarragona participated in the RoSaCe project, starting with the initial phase, during which they went out onto the streets to identify safety obstacles and wrote reports on their observations. They then presented their results to the school parents' association and the city council.
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Safe streets for children: an age-old dilemma

In May this year, 100 years will have passed since this intriguing article entitled "Plan safe streets for children's play" appeared in The New York Times (May 9, 1909).

Athens: the children make their schools safer

Last spring, three primary schools in Athens, the 137th school of Petralona, the 145th school of Sepolia and the experimental school of Marasleios, designed and developed activities related to...

RoSaCe participates at the second European Road Safety Day in Paris

RoSaCe, the European projects coordinated by P.A.U. Education, Danish School of Education and ABCittà took part at the Second European Road Safety Day organized by EC's DGTren, which was...

Vilnius meeting: how can schools, local communities and cities work together effectively

Last September, a two-day Rosace meeting to share and discuss the initial results of the Rosace project and outline next step: Safe Street Phase, took place in Vilnius. Rosace continuity and future...
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