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This section contains the latest news on issues related to street safety issues in and out of the frame of the RoSaCe project, in and out of school.

Plans and activities in primary school no 143

What has been done so far... Second part of the “Safe school, safe street” programme in Primary School no. 143.

Warsaw: pupils worked on prevention

An eighth-form pupil in a class in Warsaw was involved in a car accident in his neighbourhood. One of his best friends was hit by a car in the accident.

Children from Warsaw proposed ideas to make them feel safer

A class carried out a survey among the pupils in three classes at a school in Warsaw.

Dissemination in Roma

In between December 08 and January 09 the classes have worked on transfering their experiences into newspaper articles, postcards, calendars, exhibits, tv news, and an open letter to the...

School activities in Roma

During RoSaCe phase 1 “Safe Schools” after introducing RoSaCe project, explaining tasks and roles and it’s European dimension, showing pictures of the other cities involved

LPG & teachers training

Initially formed by the Department of Family Policies of Rome’s City Administration and the Local Coordinators (LC), before summer 07 the group chose the schools from the ones supporting the...

Presentation of the Rome schools that take part in RoSaCe

Istituto comprensivo “Alfieri – Lante della rovere”, Istituto comprensivo “Via dell’archeologia”, Istituto comprensivo “Leopardi - Via parco della vittoria”

Rome: children created a calendar about safety problems

One RoSaCe school in Rome produced a calendar with 12 pictures of issues in need of change. This school also worked with anxiety issues and concerns about feeling safe in a globalised world.

Pupils from Rome reflected about safety in their surroundings

In Rome, pupils worked in pairs to identify what safety means. They produced sentences with messages such as “Safety means being sure of your own abilities”, “I feel safe with my family” or...
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