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This section contains the latest news on issues related to street safety issues in and out of the frame of the RoSaCe project, in and out of school.
20 Mar 2009

Dissemination in Roma

In between December 08 and January 09 the classes have worked on transfering theirexperiences into newspaper articles, postcards, calendars, exhibits, tv news, and an open letterto the institutions. At the same time, the LPG has worked to communicate RoSaCe in the schoolnewspapers, to activate other institutional referents not yet involved in the project and to openup a wider dialog with parents, other young people, shopkeepers and, in general, theinhabitants of the neighbourhood.
In February, the outcomes and the results of the project have been organized to produceeffective materials for dissemination, and prepare an active, wider participation in the “RoSaCeDay”, scheduled for March 11. The pupils have invited parents, headmasters, referents of theneighbourhood municipalities and of the city hall to listen to a report of their experience and toreceive the divulgative materials they’ve prepared as a trace of their work.
All three schools will meet together at the “Limonaia – TecnoTown” Centre (a municipalstructure for innovative / ICT learning for the city’s children). On this occasion, an exhibition ofthe RoSaCe school projects will be presented and the children will reveal their ideas andproposals for Safe Streets to the neighbourhood residents and council representatives. Inconclusion, delicious pizza will be had by all! It is the children’s intention, after the event, tosend an official letter / “safe streets” petition to the Mayor of Rome.