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This section contains the latest news on issues related to street safety issues in and out of the frame of the RoSaCe project, in and out of school.
7 Jan 2009

Athens: the children make their schools safer

Last spring, three primary schools in Athens, the 137th school of Petralona, the 145th school of Sepolia and the experimental school of Marasleios, designed and developed activities related to safety, helped by the RoSaCe painter in Athens, Mrs Petrohilou, and the RoSaCe architect, Mrs Konti.

It all started with an initial discussion with the children about the meaning of safety and lack of safety. Joy, no fear, no worries, being with their parents, peace, life, protection, feeling warm with parents, no danger, love and freedom are some of the terms that the pupils used to describe safety. The children were also invited to draw pictures representing safe and unsafe situations.

The children then carried out various actions related to safety, such as an exhibition of their pictures on the meaning of safety at the 137th school of Petralona; a questionnaire, which was first answered by the pupils and was then distributed to the sixth-form pupils, featuring questions such as, “What improvements would you recommend in order to make the school playground safer?”, and “What kind of improvements would you recommend regarding the interior of your school?” at the 145th school of Sepolia; the design of short slogans, including “mind the steps”, which were put up in hazardous areas, and drawings of the pupils’ ideal school in Marasleios.
The children from the three schools visited their own schools with the architect in order to note down hazardous areas. For example, at the 145th school of Sepolia, a piece of iron sticking out of the ground was reported immediately by the children. As a result of their attentiveness, the iron was cut and the children saw the direct results of their action in order to make their school a safer place.