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This section contains the latest news on issues related to street safety issues in and out of the frame of the RoSaCe project, in and out of school.
20 Mar 2009

LPG & teachers training

Local promoting group (LPG)
Initially formed by the Department of Family Policies of Rome’s City Administration and the Local Coordinators (LC), before summer 07 the group chose the schools from the ones supporting the “walking schoolbus” project, made contacts and explained the project to the schools. After the summer, the group met the school headmistress and explained more specifically the mission of the project and the phases of the action plan, including reciprocal commitments to be maintained. Since then, the headmistresses have been actively part of the LPG. After RoSaCe 1st Training Meeting that took place at the “Limonaia – Tecno-town” in Rome on 20/21 Sept07 - throughout the whole project, the LPG has met during periodical encounters, to supply feedback and evaluation of the different phases of class workshops; to plan dissemination strategies; to identify stakeholders to enlarge the LPG and develop co-operation with other projects; to share ideas about the RoSaCe final event.

Teachers training&co-planning
On February 1° 2008 the teachers of the three schools participated in an active training day organized by the LPG. The contents of the meeting were:
  • geographical and cultural dimension of RoSaCe project: What is RoSaCe? When, who, how…What do we mean by “Street Safety Education”?
  • project methodology: the participation approach – Community planning, participation issues and techniques. The approach of ABCittà
  • tips and tools: guide lines and case studies. RoSaCe Implementation Handbook. Case studies and examples of workshops
  • expectations and working methodologies; vision/approaches; the action plan - Activity 1: school and participant’s presentation; how come I joined the project? Activity 2: sharing the project’s aims, at what point are we? Activity 3: planning the class workshops. Activity 4: next steps micro/macro planning.

Periodical encounters of macro-programming in each school, have helped to build a common vision and re-enforced the whole process.
During the encounters of 24/25/26 june 08 teachers decided on 4 appointments/themes for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the project: I – September: encounter with children parents to ask them there support and collaboration to the activities of RoSaCe; II – October: a one day participation of the classes in the “walking schoolbus” project, to share a common experience about street safety in their neighbourhood; III – November: exchange with the other schools, to understand the city scale and work on presenting and listening capabilities; IV – Dicember: publish some articles in a local newspaper (the “Colosseo”) to launch a city survey about street safety issues, and write an “open letter” to the city municipality to start interacting with the administrators and city offices.