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This section contains the latest news on issues related to street safety issues in and out of the frame of the RoSaCe project, in and out of school.
12 Feb 2009

Safe streets for children: an age-old dilemma

In May this year, 100 years will have passed since this intriguing article entitled “Plan safe streets for children’s play” appeared in The New York Times (May 9, 1909).The issues expressed are the same ones we continue to confront today: how can children be provided with the necessary opportunities to play in their everyday community environments? How might cars and pedestrians coexist in our city streets and spaces? During the course of the century, however, the imbalance in terms of numbers and presence has shifted greatly in favour of cars. Once upon a time, certain streets in New York saw “twenty-five automobiles an hour” and “1,075 children, nearly 500 below school age”. Evidently, our lifestyles and values have changed; however, the urgent need to rebuild safe streets with room for children to play remains. Let’s not wait 100 years this time before we do something about it!